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Here are some questions, paired with their respective answers.

Q: This comic rules! How can I contact you?
A: The official site email is Drop me a line and tell me what you think of the site.
Q: How do I get a hold of MacAlister?
A: You don't. If you happen to be driving around downtown Taos and see and old man grumbling under his breath and hanging Shinto flags on trees, there is a chance that is him. A chance I say! Keep in mind Taos is filled with crazy old men. Also that MacAlister isn't an old man.
Q: Your comic is gay.
A: YOUR comic is gay!!
Q: Where in the crap is the forum!?!
A: What kind of crap would possibly have a forum inside?
I guess I will add more soon, though I don't know what sort of questions
people would want answered. Send some o' them questions to tha email.
They will be answered!!!!
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